Aerosol caging within pallet racking

Aerosol Caging & Pallet Racking

Project brief

Aerosol caging and  pallet racking for warehouse distributors

Our brief was to design a bespoke pallet racking system with aerosol cages in a warehouse for a client in the distribution industry

The challenge

Stamina Storage Systems was approached by the customer to design a bespoke pallet racking systems that would meet the stringent requirements to comply with risk management and property insurance policies to protect their  assets.


Additional involvement from the fire service was required to ensure accessibility in the case of an emergency call out. From this, the emergency records were updated to ensure the best way to manage their duties if necessary. Stamina storage Systems formally identified the areas with supporting emergency plans and drawings.

The solution

Stamina Storages System's designed a 20m x 7m x 12m high pallet racking system with a three-sided enclosure to cover the 14 required bays of racking (c.25,000 pallets) These stretched to 20.32 meters long x 6.169 meters wide and 13 meters high, with an all-mesh roof to cover.


Forklift truck (FLT) entrance using a Bi Sliding door 2 meters wide x 5 meters high was designed for access. This solution incorporated Mag locks holding them in the open position, which automatically slides to the closed position when the fire alarm is activated.


Along with the FLT entrance, we installed a pedestrian emergency escape push bar and auto door closer along one run. For this, we used our Single Skin mesh panels with a 25mm x 25mm x 12g mesh grid to comply with storing aerosols and was finished in Graphite Grey.

The installation was completed well within the scheduled lead time, and on budget. If you have an Aerosol Cage or a steel partition enclosure requirement, please contact our expert team.


If you have a bespoke warehouse storage requirement please contact our expert team. You can view all our product range here

SSO Logistics, high performance pallet racking

SSO Logistics

Project brief

High performance pallet racking for
SSO Logistics

SSO Logistics brief was to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse to accommodate 2430 chep pallets and euro pallets locations.

The challenge

SSO Logistics brief was to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse to accommodate 2430 chep pallets and euro pallets locations.

Stamina Storage Systems  visited site to understand their storage requirements in the new site. Detailed CAD drawings were presented and fine-tuned to ensure the new warehouse design was fit for purpose and maximsed the floor space. Based on the customer requirements, Stamina Storage Systems planned and layout configured of 314 bays 3 high to accommodate 2430 chep pallets and euro pallets locations.

The solution

The system installed was a high-performance adjustable pallet racking system. To ensure the racking complied to HSE requirements the racking uprights were fitted with Protect-It racking protection guards to protect against forklift truck damage. To allow for flexibility and to achieve the desired workflow, Stamina Handling used 1100mm deep frames and a mixture of 2300mm and 3300mm long beams. This allowed for the use of Chep Pallets and Euro pallets to be stored in any location and with using longer beams it made the install quicker and competitive on price.

The installation was completed well within the scheduled lead time, and on budget.

We always turn to Stamina Storage Systems' as they deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions for storing our palletised goods and always complete the project quickly and efficiently

SSO Logistics

customer project, warehouse, bishopsgate

Bishopsgate Specialist Logistics and Installations

Project brief

Warehouse fit-out for Bishopsgate

Bishopsgate Specialist Logistics and Installations, a prominent provider of delivery and logistics services, has a history of partnering with Stamina Storage Systems for their warehouse solutions. Following their successful collaboration in Warrington, where Stamina supplied pallet racking for their facility, Bishopsgate turned to them once again. This time, they sought a tailored storage solution for their newly acquired warehouse in Lanarkshire, Glasgow.

The challenge

The project presented several challenges, including the need to complete the installation seamlessly in two phases while adhering to the contractor's schedule. Additionally, ensuring that the storage requirements for our loyal customer were met promptly was a top priority, this included involved configuring and the designing the racking to store 4707 Euro pallets and 3138 Chep Pallets.

The solution

Stamina Storage Systems designed and supplied their own high quality Stamina Rack system. Designed with a wide aisle configuration, comprising 6 double-sided runs of 20 bays, along with a single run of 28 bays. This design maximised storage capacity, offering enhanced efficiency for Bishopsgate’s operations.  Additionally, rack end barrier protection and individual Protect-It Stackable column protectors were installed to safeguard the racking system and ensure workplace safety.


With meticulous planning and execution, the team successfully completed the project within the specified timeline. By dividing the installation into two phases,  minimised disruption to the client's operations and ensured that their storage solutions were ready and waiting for them on move day.

The results

The successful completion of the pallet racking installation has provided Bishopsgate Specialist Logistics and Installations with the necessary storage capacity to meet their operational needs efficiently. Their commitment to delivering quality and tailored warehouse solutions has strengthened the partnership with the client and positioned us as a trusted partner for future projects.

"Our new warehousing space creates opportunities for significant further growth by enabling us to develop our services to customers, and the team at Stamina Storage Systems were able to fully maximise the space with their pallet racking system. They worked closely with our team to ensure the installation was seamless and ready on time for out move in date – we are very pleased with the result."

They worked closely with our team to ensure the installation was seamless and ready on time for out move in date – we are very pleased with the result."
Jake Bloch , Operations Director, Bishopsgate

Gem Imports

Project brief

Adjustable pallet racking solution for Gem Imports

Gem Imports asked Stamina Storage Systems (Stamina Handling Ltd) to tender for the business along with a number of other competitors. Stamina Storage Systems Ltd visited the clients site, and in order to design the most effective pallet racking plans our teams discussed several options, including; Conventional Racking, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking, Drive In Racking, and Shuttle Racking.

The background

Stamina Storage Systems were pleased to be awarded the contract due to their quick response, and their ability to provide the most efficient storage solution and the highest levels of Health & Safety.
As the lease on the warehouse was still pending, Stamina was able to offer Gem Imports a money-back guarantee on the deposit; should any legal complications arise, a full refund would be given. This shortened the lead time considerably, so the order could be processed quickly.

This ability set them apart from the competition which gave Gem Imports peace of mind knowing that the contract would be handed over on time.

The challenge

The contract involved designing, supply and installation of over 22,000 pallet locations in their new 185,000 ft² distribution premises in Barnsley, and the strip down the existing pallet racking to use to complete the install.
The solution was adjustable pallet racking, offering the perfect mix of increased pallet capacity with unrestricted access to all pallets enabling a conventional reach truck designed to take 1000kgs pallets throughout. The client needs were not so heavy, however this future proofed the installation. The racking was arranged with wide 3.2-3.3 metre wide aisles, utilising the floor space with fast throughput an ease of loading and unloading. Stamina Storage Systems also provided their Protect-It rack protection barriers to the racking uprights and end barriers to ensure the longevity of the racking, increase employee safety and prevent the racks from damage.

Stamina Storage Systems delivered the project on time and within budget.

Stamina Storage Systems provided an excellent service from initial enquiry, through to implementation phase of the project. They have delivered the perfect storage solution for our warehouse operation and were very competitive on price. The overall quality of their work has been excellent and we are very please with the final result.

Tom Wilcox, Managing Director at Gem Imports Limited


Network Rail

Project brief

Multi-site racking installation for Network Rail

We provided giant public sector organisation Network Rail with a tailored solution, supplying and installing racking at seven of its nine new regional distribution centres (RDCs). This followed a competitive tendering process, which included the UK’s largest pallet racking manufacturer.

The background

This installation, for Network Rail, was complex due to the evolving programme timescales and the need to fit out multiple sites simultaneously. This was compounded by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, which affected the movement of people to sites and demanded adherence to government guidelines. Network Rail acknowledged our performance, including our knowledge, approachability and understanding of its complex needs.

Network Rail said we were very knowledgeable, approachable and understood their needs.

Network Rail owns, operates and develops Britain’s railway infrastructure. That’s:
20,000 miles of track
30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts
1000's of stations, signals & level crossings
The organisation’s mission is running a safe, reliable, and efficient railway, in the interests of groups such as train operators, passengers and freight users, plus the communities along its 14 routes.

The project

Network Rail aims to be ever-more responsive to those key stakeholders’ needs, by bringing its own people and resources closer to them.

During 2018, the organisation thus began moving from operating a single UK distribution centre, at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, near Coventry, to a network of nine RDCs. The process took about two-and-a-half years, effectively ending when the national site closed on 31 December 2020.

Before installation

We became an approved Network Rail supplier in 2018, after gaining all relevant accreditations, and had worked for the organisation on various projects before the RDC rollout.


Andy Dowson, operations logistics manager for Network Rail, says:

Stamina were recommended by one of our internal delivery units, following a number of small installations they completed in the east of the country, and by other areas of our business. They’d also delivered and performed successfully for us on our pilot RDC at Taff’s Well, near Cardiff, a forerunner to the overall programme, which opened in 2018.

The full rollout of the RDCs was on a much larger scale and, due to the anticipated value for the supply of goods and services, the racking provision at each site was conducted through our transparent tendering process. Stamina were already on our approved suppliers list and so were invited to tender.

For each site, we and up to three rivals were sent a specification and design and asked to submit proposals within two-to-three weeks.


Network Rail then evaluated these tenders, under a point scoring system, covering criteria such as:

  • Price
  • Lead times
  • Sustainability
  • Evidence of operational safety

Each category carried a weighting, based on its importance for the project, with price accounting for 60 per cent, for example.


Network Rail then appointed us to supply and install racking for RDCs in:

  • Bristol, which has replaced the Taff’s Well pilot centre
  • Cambridge
  • Coventry, where we supplied the two new buildings
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • Newcastle
  • Warrington


At each centre, our specialist teams - each containing up to eight experts - installed the Link 51 high bay, heavy duty pallet racking with long span and steel small parts shelving we had recommended. We also provided some drive-in racking for the Warrington premises. Our work at each site typically took about two weeks.

These centres contain, on average, 45,000 square feet of space and we supplied 2,500 pallet racks overall.

In the RDC rollout, Stamina showed themselves to be very knowledgeable and approachable but also, crucially, flexible in aligning with the programme’s changing timelines. Sometimes, we had to alter arrangements at the last minute, if the date on which we’d agreed to get on site wasn’t achievable, for example, and in these circumstances, they showed a real sense of collaboration.

Stamina understood our requirements and what we needed to achieve. Their work at three of the sites was also done during lockdown, due to Covid-19. This disrupted their own plans, as installation teams weren’t allowed to stay in hotels, for example, but they showed great commitment to overcome these problems.
Andy Dowson, Operations Logistics Manager, Network Rail

Bowker Transport

Project brief

Warehouse pallet racking for Bowker Transport

Bowker’s is known for providing complete warehousing and logistics solutions for ambient food ingredients, packaging, and finished goods for some of the world's leading food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Bowker’s needed to expand their storage capacity to meet the requirements of their growing customer base and acquired a 165,000 sq ft food-grade warehouse near Doncaster.

The challenge

Bowker’s brief was to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse to store over 31,000 pallets. The project had to be completed within a tight time frame, and the building also had floor-loading challenges which added to the complexity of the timescales, and racking design.

The acquired warehouse had been fitted out by Stamina Handling with Link 51 racking. The previous occupant of the warehouse had been impressed by Stamina’s knowledge and expertise and recommended us to Bowker.

Stamina Handling project team worked closely with Bowker to plan and design the space to expand the capabilities of the existing racking to allow for a capacity of 31000 pallets and overcome the floor loading issues. The installation required a combination of new pallet racking, upright racking protectors, and protective barriers in line with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidance.
One of the main constraints facing Stamina Handling on this project was the tight timescales. As Bowker had not secured the lease on the warehouse, Stamina Handling's solution was to offer a money-back guarantee on the deposit for the manufacturing of the racking. This shortened the lead time and kept the project on track for completion.

The installation took 12 weeks to complete and was well within the scheduled lead time.

Stamina Handling have proved to be very knowledgeable and flexible throughout this project and as specialists in Link 51 racking they were perfectly placed to supply and install this system.

We had very tight timescales and a few challenges and they have delivered exactly what they said they were going to do, within timescales and to budget and we will undoubtedly use them again on future projects.
Nick Brightey, Regional Director, Bowker