Here we'll explore the importance of using racking protection to safeguard your racking uprights, the benefits it offers, and the various options available from Stamina Storage Systems to ensure the structural integrity of your warehouse.

Why protect your racking uprights?

Racking uprights are the vertical components that support the entire weight of your storage system. They are susceptible to damage from forklift collisions, pallet impacts, and general wear and tear.
Protecting these uprights is not just a smart investment; it's a safety imperative for your employees and the longevity of your warehouse infrastructure.

Benefits of racking protection:

Injury prevention
Protecting your racking uprights reduces the risk of accidents caused by structural damage, which can lead to falling inventory or racking collapse. This minimises the potential for injuries in the workplace.
Cost savings
Racking protection serves as an insurance policy for your investment. By preventing damage to your racking uprights, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements and maintain a more efficient and profitable operation.
Improved efficiency
Undamaged racking systems function optimally. Protecting your uprights ensures that your storage capacity remains intact, promoting efficient organisation and accessibility.
Protect it, racking protection

Types of racking protection:

Rack guards
Rack guards are sturdy, upright-mounted protectors that shield racking uprights from impacts. Our Protect-It rack guards are available in a range of sizes, and easily clip onto most racking makes.
Post protectors
These are designed to safeguard the base of the racking uprights. They are often used to protect against damage caused by forklifts and other heavy equipment. Our Protect-It Maxi guards offer a unique patented modular design makes Protect it MAXI expandable to fit an infinite combination of sizes and shapes.
End-of-aisle protectors
Placed at the ends of rack aisles, these protectors serve as a barrier to reduce the risk of forklifts colliding with racking uprights during turns or manoeuvrers.
These free-standing or surface-mounted protective posts are placed at strategic locations within the warehouse to shield racking uprights and other critical areas from potential impacts.

Installation and maintenance

Proper installation is essential for the effectiveness of your racking protection.
Ensure that installation is carried out by experienced professionals or in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Regular inspections and maintenance are also necessary to check for any damage to the protectors themselves and to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Protecting your racking uprights is a wise investment in both the safety of your employees and the long-term efficiency of your warehouse operations. By implementing racking protection measures, you not only prevent accidents and reduce maintenance costs but also extend the lifespan of your racking system. From rack guards to post protectors and end-of-aisle protectors, we offer various options available to suit your specific needs.

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