The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Warehousing and Storage - A guide to health and Safety HSG76 states: Where racking is likely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles, it should be protected.

To comply with HSE guidance every upright on your racking should be protected, at Stamina Storage Systems we offer a range of products to ensure the safety of stock and your staff.


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Racking Protection

General Information

Warehouse pallet racking damage is a major occupational health and safety issue. Racking systems are not designed to be struck by fork-lifts.


Investing in pallet racking protection from Stamina Storage Systems is a proactive step toward safeguarding your pallet racking, and your employees. Whether you need to prevent accidental impacts, enhance safety, or extend the lifespan of your racking system, we have the ideal racking protection solutions for your unique needs.

Low speed collisions can lead to structural damage that is not only costly to repair but also places workers at risk.

Our innovative Protect-It racking protectors fit neatly around the racking upright. Should pallets or fork-lift trucks hit the racking protection the protect it is designed to bend an absorb the impact a bit like a car bumper does.

Our range of

Protect-It racking protection

Protect-It XL
Protect-It™ XL
Protect-It XL rack guards are large format upright protectors that improve warehouse safety and reduce rack damage caused by forklift trucks, and other vehicles.
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Racking Protection
Protect-It™ MAXI
Protect-It™ MAXI column guards is a revolutionary structural column guard designed to minimise damage to building columns especially suited to mezzanine floor columns
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Protect-It Stackable
Protect-It™ Stackable
Protect-It™ Stackable rack protection guards designed to provide shock absorbent impact protection for pallet racking. Capable of handling typical knocks as well as heavier collisions that can take place when using forklift trucks.
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Investing in protection & safety products demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of your team.

Create a safer workplace culture and boost employee morale by prioritising their safety.

Contact us today to explore how our protection and safety products can seamlessly integrate with your existing racking systems, providing a comprehensive solution to enhance durability and minimise risks.

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