Drive-in Racking, also know as drive-through racking, allows forklift trucks to drive directly into the pallet racking , providing easy access to stored pallets. This efficient design eliminates the need for aisles between racks, maximising storage space for products with a low inventory turnover rate.

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Drive In Racking

General Information

With Drive-in Racking, pallets are stored on continuous rails that run the depth of the rack. This configuration provides a last-in, first-out (LIFO) system, ideal for inventory with a low turnover rate. On the other hand, Drive-Through Racking features separate entry and exit points, enabling a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system, suitable for products with expiration dates or those requiring strict stock rotation.

Our Drive-in  Racking Systems are engineered for durability and safety. The racking structure is built to withstand the weight of heavy loads, ensuring long-term reliability and stability.

Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and customise the system accordingly, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. By implementing the Drive-in System from Stamina Storage Systems businesses can maximise their storage capacity, reduce wasted aisle space, and improve overall warehouse efficiency. The system is particularly beneficial for industries such as food and beverage, cold storage, and manufacturing, where large quantities of homogeneous products need to be stored. If you are unsure on the system you require, we can discuss alternative options for your business, including:

The benefits of

Drive In Racking

High Storage Density
Drive-in racking maximises the use of available warehouse space by eliminating aisle between racks.
Idea for LIFO Inventory Systems
Drive-in racking is particularly suitable for Last In, First Out inventory systems where the last pallet loaded is the first pallet to be picked.
Stability and Durability
These systems are designed to be sturdy and durable capable of withstanding the load impact from forklifts moving in and out of storage lanes.
Reduced Pallet Damage
With fewer aisles and a more controlled environment, there is a lower risk of forklifts accidentally damaging pallets during storage.
Increased Throughput
Since drive-in racking allows forklifts to drive directly into the storage lanes, it can lead to quicker and more efficient loading and uploading processes, therefore increasing throughput.
Suitable for Cold Storage
Drive-in racking is often used in cold storage facilities, where space optimisation is crucial, and the need for a high-density storage solution is common.

Drive In Racking

From leading manufacturers

Stamina Storage Systems  work with leading manufacturers of  mobile pallet racking to ensure we can offer you a wide range to suit your needs at the best prices.

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Key facts

  • Aisle width: 2.5 - 4.0 metres
  • Space utilisation: 80%
  • All pallets accessible
  • High throughput speeds
  • Standard forklift options

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