Project brief

Adjustable pallet racking solution for Gem Imports

Gem Imports asked Stamina Storage Systems (Stamina Handling Ltd) to tender for the business along with a number of other competitors. Stamina Storage Systems Ltd visited the clients site, and in order to design the most effective pallet racking plans our teams discussed several options, including; Conventional Racking, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking, Drive In Racking, and Shuttle Racking.

The background

Stamina Storage Systems were pleased to be awarded the contract due to their quick response, and their ability to provide the most efficient storage solution and the highest levels of Health & Safety.
As the lease on the warehouse was still pending, Stamina was able to offer Gem Imports a money-back guarantee on the deposit; should any legal complications arise, a full refund would be given. This shortened the lead time considerably, so the order could be processed quickly.

This ability set them apart from the competition which gave Gem Imports peace of mind knowing that the contract would be handed over on time.

The challenge

The contract involved designing, supply and installation of over 22,000 pallet locations in their new 185,000 ft² distribution premises in Barnsley, and the strip down the existing pallet racking to use to complete the install.
The solution was adjustable pallet racking, offering the perfect mix of increased pallet capacity with unrestricted access to all pallets enabling a conventional reach truck designed to take 1000kgs pallets throughout. The client needs were not so heavy, however this future proofed the installation. The racking was arranged with wide 3.2-3.3 metre wide aisles, utilising the floor space with fast throughput an ease of loading and unloading. Stamina Storage Systems also provided their Protect-It rack protection barriers to the racking uprights and end barriers to ensure the longevity of the racking, increase employee safety and prevent the racks from damage.

Stamina Storage Systems delivered the project on time and within budget.


Stamina Storage Systems provided an excellent service from initial enquiry, through to implementation phase of the project. They have delivered the perfect storage solution for our warehouse operation and were very competitive on price. The overall quality of their work has been excellent and we are very please with the final result.

Tom Wilcox, Managing Director at Gem Imports Limited